My Neighbor Totoro - Small Totoro Figure

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Original Studio Ghibli Small Totoro "I want to meet Little Totoro!" figure. My Neighbor Totoro figurine/replica/statue/home decor/interior diorama.
It's a big and heavy collectable statue.
Originality is confirmed by the special sticker.

"Little Totoro's details such as the coat of fur and the luster of his eyes, as well as the dynamism of his walking, are reproduced exactly as they are.
At the bottom of the pedestal, the Totoro 30th anniversary logo is foil-stamped on the flocky sheet, making it a luxurious specification.
If you welcome Little Totoro to your house, it will be as if Little Totoro has appeared in your room!
You can meet at the entrance! You can meet in the corridor!
There is no doubt that you will be healed by the cuteness."

Condition: New (in original box)

Size: W120 x H210 x D150 mm

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The item will be shipped by FedEx.
UPS might also be used in some cases.

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Seller JapanArtFleaMarket
Brand My Neighbor Totoro
Type statue
Material resin
Weight 1 kg