Howl's Moving Castle Glass/Cup

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Original Studio Ghibli Howl's Moving Castle golden glass/cup with Howl, Sophie, Calcifer characters.
Japanese tableware/glassware/drinkware.
Made in Japan.

"A wonderful glass that makes you feel the story from "Howl's Moving Castle".
The colored disc that appears in the anime is printed on the bottom and the surface is printed in gold!
It's imaged as an antique glass like the one in the Howl's Castle.
When you put a drink in it, the colored discs and gold will reflect and sparkle like magic.
The bottom are also studded with icons from the story of the two - Howl and Sophie who can meet together at a certain angle."

Condition: New (in original box)

Size: Approximately Φ82 x H89 mm
Capacity: 270ml

Material: glass
Dishwasher incompatible.

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UPS might also be used in some cases.

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Seller JapanArtFleaMarket
Brand Howl's Moving Castle
Type flask/mug
Capacity 270 ml
Weight 0.4 kg