Howl's Moving Castle Wooden 3D Puzzle/Figure

Howl's Moving Castle Wooden 3D Puzzle/Figure ID#28444

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Original Ghibli Studio Howl's Moving Castle wooden 3D puzzle/figure/figurine/statue/interior diorama/home decor/craft game gift.
Originality is confirmed by the special sticker.
Made in Japan.

Condition: New (in original box)

"A unique and intricate castle has been recreated down to the smallest detail!
This wooden three-dimensional puzzle can be easily assembled without using cutters or adhesives.
After assembling, set the clip in the hole and move it to the left or right to make one clip come out of the mouth. You can remove the chimney to insert a pen, put a rubber band on it, or use it as a card stand.
The texture of Howl's Castle is painted on each part, so it looks like it's about to start moving when it's finished!"

Difficulty: 5 stars (highest)
Estimated assembly time: 6 to 7 hours

- 10 sheets of plywood A5 size
- manual

Size of the completed puzzle:
W146 x H197 x D167 mm

About shipping:
The item will be shipped by FedEx.
UPS might also be used in some cases.

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Seller JapanArtFleaMarket
Brand Howl's Moving Castle
Type building sets
Material wood
Weight 1 kg