Sell on G4SKY

Conditions for G4SKY sellers

1. Placement of up to 5 products on the site is free (and unlimited in time)

2. The commission is only from the successful sale of the product (our commission is 7% + $2 of the order amount)

3. The payment of your amount (minus our commission) is made only after the successful receipt of the order by the recipient (usually takes about 3-4 weeks)

4. The payment of your amount is made only to your Paypal account

5. The price of your product should be in the range from $3 to $200

6. The theme of your products must match the theme of the site's products

7. It is allowed to place Used goods (it must be indicated in the characteristics of the product, the description of the product)

8. Your products must not violate international laws and the laws of your country

9. The company has the right not to place your products without explaining the reasons, as well as to block your access to the site as a seller

10. The terms and conditions for G4SKY sellers may be changed unilaterally.

How to add a product

1. Recommended photo size 1000px by 1000px (optimized)

2. Recommended photo format - jpeg, webp

3. Recommended number of photos - up to 5 pcs.

4. The product will be published on the site only after passing our moderation (takes up to 24 hours)

5. Our moderator may make minor changes before publishing an item. Our moderator can also contact you if he has any questions before publishing a product.

6. Posting up to 5 products for free on our website (and unlimited in time)

7. You can edit/delete your product at any time.

8. The delivery price depends on the weight of the order. 

Order weight:

up to 0.25 kg (not inclusive) - 10.99 USD

up to 0.5 kg (not inclusive) - 15.99 USD

up to 1 kg (not inclusive) - 25.49 USD

up to 2 kg (not inclusive) - 37.99 USD

up to 3 kg (not inclusive) - 45.99 USD

up to 4 kg (not inclusive) - 58.99 USD

up to 5 kg (not inclusive) - 73.99 USD

over 5 kg (inclusive) - 89.99 USD

9. If you have any questions about the operation of our site, please contact us by email