My Neighbor Totoro Humidifier

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Original Studio Ghibli Totoro desktop size USB powered humidifier.
My Neighbor Totoro anime diffuser/mister/steamer/vaporiser/figure/figurine/home decor/interior replica/ghibli gift.

"This humidifier has a very cute appearance of Totoro blowing the ocarina, and mist comes out of the ocarina. Little Totoro blowing flowers at his feet is also very cute, and Makkuro Kurosuke is hidden in the log!
If you put water in the bottle and connect the USB cable, you can use it around your desk.
Moisturize and heal in the dry season!"

Condition: New (in original box)

- humidifier
- USB cable
- 2x spare water supply wicks
*AC adapter is not included

Can be used by connecting to your AC adapter or PC USB port.
The power turns off automatically after about 8 hours.
When water is fully filled, it can be used for about 8 hours without adding water on the way.
When you feel that the amount of mist generated has decreased, replace it with a spare water supply wick.
Only tap water is supported (aroma oil cannot be used!).

Size: W77 x H220 x D72 mm
Weight: 180g

Material: ABS, PVC, PET, polyester

About shipping:
The item will be shipped by FedEx.
UPS might also be used in some cases.

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Seller JapanArtFleaMarket
Brand My Neighbor Totoro
Type home decor
Material plastic
Weight 0.25 kg