Steampunk Xenomorph Gothic Bust

Steampunk Xenomorph Gothic Bust ID#26900


Tags: Handmade Gothic Steampunk

Inspired by the artworks of the alien and xenomorphic inventor Giger, this gothic living decoration bust was created.

This decoration bust made of resin, over 5 hours 3D printed, finished by hand with a black silver effect lacquer, has a look that will captivate every visitor, and with a size of about 12 cm.

Made of soy lecithin-based resin, massive 3D printing, no hollow plastic print that is light as a feather, and you can see every layer of printing, NO inferior PLA printing!

We offer 3D prints in premium quality, solid and heavy! Comparable to soapstone, without visible layers as they are visible in many PLA prints.


Seller DerOileMachtDruck
Brand Gothic
Manufacturer Handmade
Type statue
Material resin
Height 12 cm
Weight 0.3 kg