Baphomet Satan Statue Gothic Decoration

Baphomet Satan Statue Gothic Decoration ID#26899


Tags: Handmade Gothic

Black Baphomet Statue, Devil Figure Gothic Decoration Fantasy Home Decoration

Lucifer, Satan, devil, baphomet... There are many names for the black goat.

Our 3D printed and handmade devil sculpture, with its unique details such as the pentagram, the 666 on the pedestal, the lettering on the forearms or the pentagram on the forehead, make every Satanist's black heart rise.

For friends of Gothic and Horror, the creepy creatures of hell and Halloween, or angels and devils the perfect decoration for the living room table.


Seller DerOileMachtDruck
Brand Gothic
Manufacturer Handmade
Type home decor
Material resin
Height 12 cm
Weight 0.3 kg