Mona Lisa Bust Statue Decoration

Mona Lisa Bust Statue Decoration ID#26898


Tags: Handmade

Mona lisa bust Leonardo da Vinci sculpture handmade desk decoration inspired by the world-famous painting La Gioconda, which everyone has probably seen as a poster, wall decoration or art print.

This female decoration sculpture has with its 8.5 cm height the perfect size as a decoration statue and desk decoration.

The extreme level of detail and the matte paint finish make this massive 3D printed bust look so realistic.

The look, the eyes, which made the image so famous, has been adopted as much as possible in this impressive, as well as minimalistic, feminine massive 3D print.


Seller DerOileMachtDruck
Brand Mona Lisa
Manufacturer Handmade
Type statue
Material plastic
Height 8.5 cm
Weight 0.25 kg