Dragon Claw Drago Ring

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Dragon Claw Drago Rin

The original ring is a dragon claw, the accessory is worn on the nail phalanx of the finger.
If you follow fashion, love creativity, then rings on nails will surely appeal to you.
A ring in the shape of a dragon's claw creates the effect of volumetric art and will perfectly show off on the tip of the nail phalanx.
Claw rings have a number of tangible advantages. If the perfect manicure is very important for midi rings, then even a broken nail can be hidden under the claw. Rings on nails can afford to be worn not only by teenagers, a vivid example of this is the famous stars of the music world: Fergie, Beyonce, Rihanna…
Fashionable claw rings can be worn on all fingers, and only one. The main thing here, as always, is a sense of proportion.

Length: 33 mm.
Adjustable size: 13 – 14mm.

It is made of high-quality hypoallergenic jewelry alloy based on brass with a galvanic coating that ensures the perfect quality of the coating and its maximum wear resistance.

The rings have a design feature that makes it easy to change their size. The jewelry alloy used for the production of rings has the ability to precisely fit the ring in size and eliminates unexpected damage to the product.


Seller Joker-Studio
Manufacturer Handmade
Type ring/signet
Weight 0.1 kg