Ankh with a Husky Eye Pendant

Ankh with a Husky Eye Pendant ID#27437

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Tags: Handmade

Ankh with a Husky Eye

Jewelry in the form of a Gothic Ankh cross with a pattern of the Siberian husky's icy eye on tempered acrylic glass of maximum crystal transparency.
Pendant on a string. In our store you can buy a chain.

Ankh pendant is a beautiful cross of original shape in Gothic style with a slash pattern. The pendant is made by the method of jewelry casting from Argentina, which means a strong, highly detailed, highly polished decoration. Decorated with a hand-painted eye on the inside of the lens, which ensures the safety of the pattern for many years.
The suspension is not susceptible to water, scratch resistant
Care as for a silver product.

The size of the decoration Length / width: 55x40 mm.
Weight 8 gr.
Accessories cord 45 cm.
Eye diameter 12 mm

Composition: silver-white jewelry alloy with a luster like white gold, having a high strength index. Another name is argentan - new silver, hypoallergenic alloy.


Seller Joker-Studio
Manufacturer Handmade
Type necklace/bead
Weight 0.1 kg