Super Mario - Super Crown

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Super Mario - Super Crown

The crown is 3D printed from PLA plastic, processed and painted. The dimensions are as close as possible to the original from the game (the model was made by us from the screenshots from the game).
Attachments for elastic band are provided on the crown (the elastic band is attached to the crown).

Crown Dimensions:
Height - 9 cm
Top diameter - 13.8 cm
Bottom diameter - 7.9 cm

The kit is 3D printed using PLA plastic. Has a unique texture.

PLA care instructions:
Avoid heating above 125°F (50°C).
Hand wash with warm soapy water.
Please do not:
- soak in hot water.
- put in the dishwasher (may lose shape when heated).
- store near heaters.
- put on the battery.
- leave in the sun.

[Dropshipping, production time 5-7 days]

Seller alexabur
Brand Mario
Manufacturer Handmade
Type diadem
Material plastic
Height 9 cm
Weight 0.35 kg