Steamforged Games Dark Souls The Card Game

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Dark Souls: The Card Game is a cooperative deck evolution card game for 1-4 players. Players must explore the Encounters around them, defeating a myriad of enemies to gain Souls and Treasure. They must use these to evolve and adapt their deck to better fight their enemies. When the players are ready, they must challenge the powerful bosses that lie within. The players must walk a narrow path, however, since their decks allow them to attack their enemies, but also represent their health. Decks are only refreshed when the players rest at the bonfire, so players must defeat their enemies while husbanding their strength for the greater challenges ahead. Thinking quickly and adapting to the enemy's attacks is key for survival.

Brand Dark Souls
Manufacturer Steamforged Games
Type board game
Material plastic, carton
Weight 0.7 kg