Sleeping Friend Bird Plush Toy

Sleeping Friend Bird Plush Toy ID#25972

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Tags: Handmade

The main purpose of the sleeping companion is to hug the baby, to relax, to feel safe and to fall asleep comfortably, to see his/her friend next to her/him when he wakes up and to start playing with him, so that he does not cry and make him/her happy.

We recommend that mothers put the sleeping companion inside their t-shirts for 1-2 days (night). In this way, the mother's scent passes to the sleeping companion, helping the babies to go back to sleep when they wake up at night.

✰ Personalization is available
✰ Height: 25-30 cm (9.8 - 11.8 inches).
✰ %100 soft cotton.
✰ Suitable for all ages.
✰ Crocheted Doll
✰ %100 organic
✰ Healty to use for kids
✰ Knitted safe eyes
✰ Your children can play safely.
✰ Washable at 30 degrees
✰ No harmful chemicals

You can gift these crochet stuffed sleeping friend with personalized designs on special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Baby Shower, Newborn Baby Gift, Birthday.


Seller MeysDesignStore
Brand Bird
Manufacturer Handmade
Type plush
Material cotton
Height 25 cm
Weight 0.3 kg