Arch-angel Figure (Unpainted)

Arch-angel Figure (Unpainted) ID#26658

Categories: TOYS

Tags: Handmade

These completely Original designs are printed in high quality, ABS/tough resin Like Gray resin in order to provide a mixture of sharp details and quality. The tough resin adds flex to the model ensuring its table top ready for action.

Works as a proxy

All models are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Models that are cut will be shipped in multiple pieces so additional sanding, priming, or line filling may be needed.
Custom sizes available, please message for custom requests.

Models by Zkino

S - 55mm
M - 75mm
L - 150mm


Seller NewWorlds3d
Brand Robot
Manufacturer Handmade
Type statue
Material resin
Size S, M, L
Weight 0.25 kg