Animal Crossing - Ankha (Unpainted Underwear) Figure

Animal Crossing - Ankha (Unpainted Underwear) Figure ID#26461

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Tags: Nintendo Handmade Animal Crossing

AnkoroToys provides freshly 3D printed resin models in a neutral grey colour. If you are new to resin models you need to understand that you will need to do some finishing work to get the best results - some miniatures require supports which can leave small marks on the surface which can be removed with sanding. Larger models may also be hollowed out to improve print stability and as such will have resin drainage holes that are easily fixed with pva glue or plastic putty. I try to remove as many support struts as possible but sometimes the occasional one might not be removed - they are very easy to remove with a sharp craft knife. If there are bumps on the surface they can be easily and quickly sanded down but be very careful not to breathe in resin dust. If the model is glossy and hard it can be made matt with a stiff nylon brush (or carefully applied steel wire wool) or the glossiness can be removed by priming. In the unlikely event that a model is still sticky the best approach is to expose the model to direct sunlight and wash your hands with plenty of soap (resin is a skin irritant if left for long enough on skin).

This listing is for an incredibly detailed model from the mind of Rubim.

This bust is produced with high quality neutral grey resin which produces extraordinary levels of surface details. For the best possible result you should prime the model with a thin layer of high quality primer - alternatively I offer this as an additional service using an airbrush to apply a thin even coating to the model so that you can start painting immediately.

Please be aware that the model will be hollow in order to cut down on delivery cost - the model will have a few small holes on it as part of the production process that will be filled in as part of the production process.


Seller AnkoroToys
Pre-order Yes
Brand Animal Crossing
Manufacturer Handmade
Type statue
Material resin
Height 18 cm
Weight 0.5 kg