Star Wars - Two Sides Headphone Stand

Star Wars - Two Sides Headphone Stand ID#25405

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Tags: Disney Star Wars Handmade

Personal headphone stand, perfect for holding your headphones or gaming headsets in a way that they don't get tangled. It is made out of high quality 3D printed PLA plastic. The design includes a notch to safely hold any type of headphones. A beautiful gift for space battles pilots. This headphone stand is perfect for any Star Wars franchise fan! With a depiction of the Rebel Rogue squadron logo on one side and a Empire 181st squadron sign on the other.


- designed, CAD modeled and home-studio printed by 3DSpecial.

- from environmentally friendly PLA plastic - derived from corn starch.

- If the offered colors or dimensions do not suit you, we will be happy to produce it according to your requirements.


- some parts are made from high quality silk gloss PLA. This material disperses and reflects light beautifully.


Seller 3DSpecialShop
Brand Star Wars
Manufacturer Handmade
Type home decor
Material plastic
Height 23 cm
Width 8.5 cm
Weight 0.3 kg