Handmade Hearthstone Сopybook

Handmade Hearthstone Сopybook ID#12141

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Handmade Hearthstone Сopybook.

Copybook made in cold embossing style. Paper binded by hands, you can change it when there is no more available space. The cover is made of vegetable-tanned leather. Embossed without the use of ready-made stamps, painted. The surface of the product is treated with a special compound, which will ensure the durability. The seams are made by hand with a saddle stitch.

Size can be changed by your wish.

[Dropshipping, production time 7-10 days]

Brand Hearthstone
Manufacturer Handmade
Type book
Material leather
Height 4 cm
Length 19 cm
Width 22.5 cm
Weight 0.5 kg