Gravity Falls - Gideon DIY Paper Craft Kit

Gravity Falls - Gideon DIY Paper Craft Kit ID#4485

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The paper figure of Gideon from screen Gravity Falls. Gideon is printed on specially selected paper that's easy to cut and solid for the task. The set includes hands, legs, removable faces and a table!

Gideon: [on the phone to Stan] Stanford Pines, listen to me very closely. I have your niece and nephew. Hand over the deed to the Mystery Shack right now, or great harm will befall them! [pause] This is Gideon, by the way.
Stan: [laughs] Oh yeah, this is gonna be your worst plot yet. They're fine. I saw them playing in the yard minutes ago.
Gideon: I have them in my possession! You don't believe me?! I will text you a photo!
Stan: "Text me a photo"? Now you're not even speaking English!
Gideon: But--
[Stan hangs up]
Brand Gravity Falls
Manufacturer DoodlePark
Type building sets
Material carton
Height 10 cm
Weight 0.05 kg